Magnetic Graphic Sections

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What's the best thing about a huge magnetic prize wheel? You can change your prizes or promotion whenever you want! The 96" Magnetic Section overlay for the huge prize wheel is ideal if you are looking to change the design or promotion for your existing game wheel. You can order a whole new magnetic face, or if you only have to order a couple of sections give us a call and we will prorate the price for you. We make sure to keep all previously produced prize wheel designs on file so we can recreate your graphics if needed. Included in this price is graphic design time so you will be able to work with our experienced graphic designers one on one. Not sure what size large prize wheel you have? Just give us a call and we will be able to help you. Keep in mind if you are ordering a whole new magnetic face for your huge prize wheel it must match the existing odds you have on your game wheel.

  •  Digitally printed custom magnetic graphics sections laminated and placed on magnetic material
  •  Divided up into separate magnetic pieces to make it convenient to change out a couple prizes at a time
  •  Meant to work with our 96" Custom Removable magnetic graphics prize wheel or our 96" Custom Insert Your Own graphics prize wheel


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    Great product

    Great working with the designers to restore and old prize wheels thanks

    Posted by on 8th May 2019