Welcome to the site credits page for Spinning Designs, where we showcase the collaborative efforts between Spinning Designs and MAK Digital. At MAK Digital, we're committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions, and our partnership with Spinning Designs is no exception. For this project, our team played a pivotal role in revamping Spinning Designs' online presence through a series of strategic interventions. From updating the BigCommerce framework to crafting a responsive design tailored for modern widescreen monitors, our goal was to elevate Spinning Designs' website to new heights of functionality, aesthetics, and search engine performance. Dive into the details below to explore the comprehensive services we provided for Spinning Designs' success.

BigCommerce Development Services:

BigCommerce Framework Update:

MAK Digital performed a comprehensive BigCommerce framework update for Spinning Designs, transitioning the website to Node 18 for increased theme security, functionality, and overall performance. This update ensures that the website remains up-to-date with the latest technology and industry standards.

BigCommerce Stencil Theme Build:

MAK Digital recoded a custom Stencil theme for Spinning Designs, porting their existing theme to newer BigCommerce technology. The theme underwent some slight visual touch-ups to enhance its aesthetic appeal and user experience.

BigCommerce Design Services:

Responsive Design:

MAK Digital implemented responsive design for Spinning Designs, ensuring that the website is accessible and optimized for various devices, including widescreen monitors. The new Widescreen Standard ensures responsiveness for newer widescreen displays, providing users with a seamless browsing experience.

Web Design:

As part of the BigCommerce Stencil Theme Build, MAK Digital provided web design services to Spinning Designs, refining the visual aspects of their website. This included slight touch-ups to the theme's appearance, enhancing its overall look and feel while maintaining brand consistency.

BigCommerce SEO Services:

On-page Optimizations:

MAK Digital conducted comprehensive on-page optimizations (eCommerce SEO) for Spinning Designs' website, focusing on improving performance, accessibility, and search engine visibility. These optimizations included code cleanup, mobile optimization, image optimization, and enhancements to meta tags and structured data. The implementation of caching mechanisms, server response time optimization, and accessibility improvements contributed to significant increases in performance scores.

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