Q: Why should I use a promotional prize table spinning wheel?

A: Promotional prize wheels are great marketing tools, and they make it easy to attract a large crowd at any event. Spinning wheels are also great for employee or sales incentive programs to increase motivation in the work place. All promotional wheels are free to spin, and everyone is a winner. Our design team can produce a graphic that matches your company's colors and displays your brand professionally.

Q: What is the difference between a Promotional Prize Wheel and a Gaming Wheel?

A: Promotional prize wheels are free to play and the people spinning the wheel are not put at risk. These wheels are best for displaying your company's brand. Gaming wheels are for placing bets, and the user IS put at risk by losing money or whatever the wager is. Each State has different rules and regulations for these wheels.

Q: How many sections or pie pieces can I have on my wheel?

A: The sections are determined by the amount of pegs or spokes on the wheel.  The sections are determined during the design process after the order is place. The most common amount of sections for a 24”, 30” and 36” game wheel is 12 sections. However, for 48” and above the most common amount of sections is 16.  Also, you have the option to add smaller sections to reduce the odds for a “Grand Prize” section.  If you would like a large quantity of sections there is a chance that there can be an extra fee assessed.  The sales person you work with will explain the extra fees. 

Q: What size wheel will work best for me?

A: The size of the wheel depends on what you are using the wheel for and where you will be using it. Here is an example of what different size wheels can be used for:

  • 18” Prize Wheels: These are good for a tabletop or countertop use in a boutique, salon or small event table.
  • 24” & 30” Prize Wheels are good for small events and can be on a table stand or floor stand
  • 36” Prize Wheels can go on a table stand, wood floor stand or metal floor stand. They are great attention getters for trade shows and events.  These are also easier to transport than the larger wheels.
  • 48” & 60” Grab the attention of passersbys. These are not as portable as the smaller sizes, but the attention you will receive is worth the transport!
  • 72”, 84” and 96 are asbolutely huge and will be the talk of the event! These wheels ship in large crates and must be transported by large freight trucks, so transporting from event to event can get costly. 


Q: What is the turn-around time from when I place my order?

A: All of our production times are estimated after payment and graphics approval and do not include transit time.  Production times can change based on the volume of orders in the system and holidays.

Here is a general rule of thumb for custom and lighted prize wheels:

  • 18”-48”- Custom Prize Wheels- 1 ½-2 weeks
  • Lighted Prize Wheels up to 60” 1 ½-2 weeks
  • Huge Prize Wheels 72”,84” and 96”- 3 weeks
  • Huge Lighted Prize Wheels 72”, 84” and 96”- 3 ½-4 weeks
  • Lighted Plinko Games 2 weeks

We always recommend calling if you have a specific deadline to see if we can meet it. We also offer express charges for rush orders if necessary.

Q: Once you produce my product how long is shipping?

A: We are located in New Jersey.  Here is a general map of transit times from Fedex:transit-map.png


Please note that wheels that are 48” and above ship freight and this can effect transit times. For more shipping information please see our shipping policy page. 

Q: Is the graphics time included in the price?

A: Yes. We have a professional graphics team on staff at all times, and once the wheel is purchased, you can go back and forth with our graphic designers as many times as needed until you are completely satisfied with the look of your custom prize wheel. We request that all images and fonts are sent to us to put on your design.  If our design team needs to create or purchase images and fonts there can be additional costs. 

If intensive design time is needed for your product there is a $90 graphic design charge for this time.

Q: How do I send my graphics/logo once I placed the order?

A: Once your wheel is ordered, you will get a confirmation email. Please respond to the email with a high quality graphic attached, AI, EPS and PDF files work best.

Q: Which stands are available for which wheels?

18” Wheels are only available with table stands

24", 30"- Wood table, wood floor, and wood wall mount

36"- Wood table, wood floor, metal floor, wood wall, and metal wall mount

48”, 60", 72", 84", 96"- Metal floor and metal wall mount

Q: Where are the products manufactured?

A: We manufacture them in-house, right here in the U.S.A. Wall Township, New Jersey.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. Please call or email us at admin@spinningdesigns.com to get a quote on the shipping and handling.

Q: Do you do rush shipping?

A: Yes, we can do 2-day and overnight shipping. However, our general product time of a custom product is 1 - 1.5 weeks. Please call in advance to get a quote on shipping charges.

Q: How do you ship the big spin wheels?

A: We generally ship wheels 48" and up Estes Freight. We build sturdy wooden crates for 72” and above that fit the wheel.