About SpinningDesigns, Inc

  • Our prize wheel products are made in the U.S.A.
  • We have made thousands of wheels for businesses and individuals, to serve a variety of applications.
  • Please call us any time with questions or ideas, No Pressure Ever.
  • We can customize anything, so if its not here on the website please call us.
  • Prize Wheels work to attract visitors to your booth at trade shows, bring in customers to your store, motivate your sales force, and are great for employee incentive programs.

General Features

  • Normally our wheels are made of high density MDF with Melamine on both sides.  MDF stays flat, will never warp like plywood (ALL plywood warps over time).  The Melamine surface seals it from scratches, and protects it from moisture.
  • Painted Black or Natural finish oak  stands for strength, stability, durability and a rich look
  • Double precision ball bearings for smooth spinning action
  • Stainless steel shaft that won't wear out
  • Durable adjustable rubber clicker to allow control of a fast stop or slow anticipation
  • One quarter inch steel pegs with rubber safety tips
  • Rubber edge trim for a great look and grip
  • Your choice of Wheel Faces, Sizes, Colors (see below)

Choosing the Right Size

 Bigger is always better, up to a practical point.
  • Our wheel sizes are measured in inches and represent the diameter (width).
  • 24 inch - Great for space limited stores, classrooms, easy to carry from event to event.
  • 30 inch - Big enough and small enough, this size can still be seen at an event when people are standing in front of it, fits in the car trunk or back seat.
  • 36 inch - On a floor stand, this is a big majestic prize wheel, great for conference rooms, show rooms, auditoriums or anywhere you have the space.  Great for trade shows where portability isn't an issue.
  • 42, 48, 60, 72 inch - These wheels will get the undivided attention of anyone who sees it from any distance. These wheels should be setup by two persons, and casters may be a convenient option.

Choosing Number of Sections

  • Sections are the triangular areas where the prizes go, also referred to as "Pie Pieces" or "Slots".
  • Sections can contain pictures of the prizes, numbers, icons, or be blank to write with dry erase markers.
  • At trade shows, stores, and events, a lesser number of sections (12 or 16) makes it easier for the audience spinning your wheel for the 1st time to see the prizes. You can also make one or two thin sections for a "special prize".
  • In sales or employee incentive programs where your audience will see the wheel regularly, more sections give them more options to keep their interest.

Prize Wheel Styles:

Economical White Standard or White Dry Erase

  • "Customize it yourself"
  • The Standard Wheel has a durable Melamine Face, great for taping, tack gluing graphics to it over and over again. Dry erase markers can also be used. Section lines are drawn on.
  • The White Dry Erase wheel is covered with a High Performance Dry Erase Laminate, erasing dry erase markers is a breeze and leaves no residue. Section lines are printed on vinyl, then laminated.
  • Choice of sizes and sections
  • We can add your logo in the center

Custom Prize Wheels or Custom Permanent Graphic Prize Wheels  

 Your logo in the center, your colors, choice of sections, your prizes in the sections or numbered
  • The graphic is printed on vinyl, photo quality, then laminated for protection.
  • Choice of clear dry erase or a durable matte laminate to protect your graphic
  • We put a rendition together for you, and work with you until your wheel is exactly as you want it.

Custom Removable Magnetic Prize Wheels:

  • Complete custom graphics including your logo, sections, prizes and colors produced on magnetic material, so your wheel can be changed anytime quickly.
  • Wheel is comprised of corrosion proof sheet metal layer covered with dry erase white vinyl.
  • Easily decorated. Add and remove sections for any event.
  • Use your own magnetic items or ours.
  • Choice of sizes and number of sections.

Insert Your Own Graphics

  • Print graphics on your own printer and insert them.
  • Magnetic logo in the center, magnetic colored sections.
  • White dry erase background so you can write in the prizes.
  • Templates available to help you size your pictures

Unique Prize Wheels

  • We can make virtually any type of prize wheel
  • Give us a call and your specifications, we'll get you a quote, rendition, and time schedule.
  • LED lighted wheels, super large light weight composites, outdoor wheels, small desktops, custom shape logo plates...
  • Cut vinyl graphics available for special effects (chrome, gold, reflective)

Shipping Details

  • Shipping Prices are included in the checkout.
  • We generally use FedEx to ship our wheels, we will notify you if another carrier is being used.
  • Prize wheels 42 inches and up are subject to a large package shipping rate increase. We will inform you of any additional charges if they apply to you or your wheel.