Custom Prize Wheels

Permanent Graphic Prize Wheels

Permanent Graphic Prize Wheels

  • Cost Effective
  • Freedom with design
  • Permanently Printed
  • Dry erase option available
Insert Your Own Graphics Prize Wheels

Insert Your Own Graphics Prize Wheels

  • Design & Insert your own paper prizes
  • Or use Dry Erase markers to write in your prizes!
  • Choose your custom colors and amount of sections
Removable Magnetic Prize Wheels

Removable Magnetic Prize Wheels

  • Fully Customizable
  • Large area for graphics
  • Removable and replaceable

All of our custom prize wheels provide you with the ability to design and customize your prize wheel to your specifications.  You can choose the colors, the number of sections, and the complete design of your spinning game wheel while working with our experienced graphic designers.  There are three styles of custom revolving game wheels to choose from.  The Custom Insert Your Own Graphics style prize wheel is magnetic and comes with the amount of sections you choose, each with die-cut holes in the center to insert your own paper prizes.  The Custom Removable Magnetic Graphics prize wheel has a completely magnetic face and includes separate magnetic sections customized to your specifications.  The Custom Permanent Graphics prize wheel is the most economical option and gives you the opportunity to customize the prize wheel any way you would like, but you will not be able to change the design.  

custom prize wheel


Steps in the Design Process

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