4'x6' Custom Plinko Game with 13 slots and 6 playing pucks

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  • SKU: SD-PLINKO-4X6-2.5
  • Weight:
    65.00 LBS
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Our Brand New 4’ x 6’ big plinko board is a great addition to your next trade show or event. With over 200 steel pins the clinking sound and cheers will entice event goers to stroll over to your booth.

The plinko game provides the ability to design a full graphic to show off your company’s brand and messaging. The custom plinko game board offers 13 prize areas across the bottom of that are covered with a piece of clear plastic to change and insert your prizes. Our graphics team will provide you templates to design and print your own prizes, so you can change them as you need.

The lightweight aluminum construction provides portability and durability to bring from event to event. The streamlined A-Frame stand adds maximum stability and clips to the back of the board for easy transport. All of our plinko boards are available with LED lights on the sides of the board. The LED lights are wall and battery powered for ultimate flexibility.

  • It is made of aluminum, so it is light weight and heavy duty at the same time. 
  • Streamlined A-Frame Design with clips to hold the stand to the back of the board for easy transportation
  • The graphic on the product is changeable
  • The plinko has 13 prize slots with a clear abs cover to print and insert your prizes
  • Over 200 machined pins to make the board completely random
  • The prize area can fit up to 2 plinko pucks for a “bonus win”
  • ( 6 ) 2.5” Playing pucks branded with logo, or blank