Lighted Prize Wheels

Lighted Prize lighted Logo Wheels
  • Upgrade to a lighted Logo plate
  • for wheels 36" and above
Custom Colored LEDs Prize Wheels
  • Upgrade to Custom Colored LEDs
  • Revolving Patterns
Magnetic Graphics Prize Wheels
  • Removable magnetic graphics
  • Insert your own graphics


The Customizable Light Up Prize Wheels are a step above the standard unlit versions that we sell. We have our experienced engineers strategically program and install energy efficient LED lights in between the magnetic sections on the spinning game wheels. There are several different patterns that cycle through while the wheel is stationary as well as when the wheel is spinning. The standard LED lighted wheels come with white LEDs but you can upgrade for a full color display. You can choose to have an alternating rainbow of colors or you can pick a custom color, perhaps one that reflects your brand. With our Custom Lighted Prize Wheels your company will really stand out in the crowd of your next event.

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