Huge Prize Wheels


  • Fully Designed Custom Graphics
  • They really make a statement
  • Attract a larger crowd
  • Wall mounts available
  • Add LEDs
  • Upgrade to a LED logo plate


We like to go above and beyond with the sizing of our prize wheels. Our large prize spinning wheels sizes go up to 96”, with a wheel that size you are sure to attract customers far and wide. If you are looking to have a huge wheel but within reason we also have sizes 60”, 72” and 84”. The advantages of buying a huge prize wheel is the look on your customers faces when spinning such a behemoth. This also grants more room for branding on the sections of the wheels, which is still removable magnetic or insert style where you can insert your own graphics into die cut holes within the wheels. As with our smaller wheels we offer a 5 year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest easy when it comes to shipping such a massive promotional product.


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