Frequently Asked Questions

Variety of Custom Prize Wheels


Q: Why should I use a promotional prize wheel?

A: Promotional prize wheels are great marketing tools, and they are the best way to attract a large crowd at any event such as a trade show. People will stand in line to win prizes that they would normally grab off your table and never pay attention to your brand.We have a video {below} of an event on the NJ boardwalk showing our wheel in action with a line on people waiting to spin it. For in house applications whether it's an employee or sales incentive program, they are a perfect motivational tool for any business. All promotional wheels are free to spin, and everybody's a winner. Our design team can produce a graphic that matches your company's colors and displays your brand professionally.

Q: What is the difference between a Promotional Prize Wheel and a Gaming Wheel?

A: Promotional prize wheels are free to play and the people spinning the wheel are not put at risk. These wheels are best for displaying your companies brand.

Gaming wheels are for placing bets, and the user IS put at risk by losing money or whatever the wager is. Each State has different rules and regulations for these wheels.

Q: What is a gaming wheel?

A: Gaming wheels are normally licensed by the state and are designed so someone bets on the outcome of the spin of the wheel, if they wager is correct and the wheel lands on the section bet upon, the player wins and collects the winnings based on the odds of the game.  However, they can be used at fundraising events if the player is not put at risk.  We manufacture all style gaming wheels including: The Big Six, Big Nine, Dice Wheel, Horse Race Wheel, Money Wheel (sometimes called Big 6),  and a standing Roulette Wheel.  The amusement industry uses a Stop Start wheel where an arrow spins instead of the wheel (handspun or motorized), typically seen on boardwalks and at carnivals.

Q: What are the different features of your custom promotional prize wheels?

A: All of our custom spinning wheels have your logo in the center, and can also have the wheel reflect your company colors or brand.  There are 3 main custom spin wheels we offer, and they are: Insert-Your-Own-Graphics, Changeable Magnetic, and Permanent Graphics.

Insert-Your-Own-Graphics are our most popular selling wheel because you can print the prizes from your desktop printer on computer paper and the magnetic sections hold them to the wheel. These wheels have a magnetic layer underneath a white dry erase face or a black underlying face. The sections or 'pie pieces' are made of magnetic material and have high quality vinyl printed on top matching your company's colors. You then insert your own graphics through the holes at the top of each section. If you don't have any graphics printed out, you can always write in the names of the prizes with a dry erase marker. Comes in sizes 18"-96".

Our Changeable Magnetic wheels are just like the Insert Your Own Graphics wheels, except that we print your prizes (text or graphics) onto magnetic sections. These spinning wheels are great for keeping a very professional look while being able to change out the prizes when needed. We can design and print whatever you want on the sections, including each prize. You can even order extra magnetic sections to add more variations to your wheel. Glamourize your wheel with LED lights to truly have the best promotional product possible. Comes in sizes 18"-96".

Permanent Graphics wheels have your graphic permanently adhered to the face of the wheel. This wheel is not magnetic. The graphic can be as detailed as you want; making the custom wheel fit your company's appeal. Add as many pegs as you want, for this spinning wheel has no limits! Order a dry erase face to constantly write in different prizes. However, these wheels do not come in sizes 72in and above.

Q: What size wheel will work best for me?

A: Bigger is always better, but up to a practical point.

18in, 24in, or 30in wheels will work best if you are constantly on the road and traveling. We also have soft and hard carrying cases available which help make it easier to move the wheel and stand from place to place. The hard cases can be shipped without any extra packaging needed. However, table stands work best for the carrying cases.

36in wheels work great on mostly all mediums. These spin wheels really grab people's attention walking by but are not as travel friendly as the smaller wheels.

42in and 48in wheels get even more attention than the 36in wheels and beware; they draw huge lines of people wherever they are! These wheels really pop and do a great job in displaying your brands unique appeal. Coming standard on a black floor stand, casters (rolling wheels) are available for more portability.

60in and 72in prize wheels get an unprecedented amount of attention by everyone walking by. Add some LED's on the face of the wheel and your business will be noticed, memorable, and the talk of the crowd. Make sure you stock up on prizes because crowds of people will flock to your wheel! Casters are available.

84in and 96in LED prize wheels will be the best advertisement tool your company will ever invest in. You will crush the competition. 96in wheels are impossible to miss and with your companies name and appeal branded across the entire wheel, people will forever remember giving it a spin. Use this in your businesses lobby and watch as your sales climb day after day. Put the wheel in your parking lot and fill the road with traffic. These spin wheels are serious, and draw in a serious amount of customers. Call for a quote today! Casters are available.

Q: Why should I add LED lights to my wheel?

A: LED lights are the best way to help engage the crowd and draw attention to your custom prize wheel, which then bring customers to your business. And our LED patterns are awesome! The mesmerizing lights attract and grab the attention of people strolling by, and all they can think is "I want to spin that!" Once you have their attention, they get to spin a memorable product branded with your company's name, for free. And best of all, everyone gets to walk away with your branded merchandise. Everybody is a winner!

Q: What is the turn-around time from when I place my order?

A: If you order a custom spin wheel, our general production time is 1 - 1.5 weeks. The sooner you respond to the conformation email with your artwork/graphics, the sooner our design team can start working on your wheel.

Our Dry Erase "Off the Shelf" prize wheels ship anywhere from same day to 3 days. Some weeks are busier than others, and we need time to restock.


Q: Is the graphics time included in the price?

A: Yes, of course. We have a professional graphics team on staff at all times, and once the wheel is purchased, you can go back and forth with our graphics designers as many times as needed until you are completely satisfied with the look of your custom prize wheel.

Q: How do I send my graphics/logo once I placed the order?

A: Once your wheel is ordered, you will get a conformation email. Please respond to the email with a high quality graphic attached, PDF files work best.

Q: Is the stand included with the wheel?

A: Yes, every wheel comes standard with a stand.

18 inch through 36 inch wheels come standard with a wood table stand.

42 inch through the 96 inch wheels come standard with a wood or metal floor stand.

If you are ordering an A/C powered LED Prize wheel, the wheel comes standard with a black metal floor stand.

Q: Which stands are available for which wheels?

A: 18"- Only wood Table Stand

24", 30"- Wood table, wood floor, and wood wall mount

36", 42", 48"- All stands available: Wood table, wood floor, metal floor, wood wall, and metal wall mount

60", 72", 84", 96"- Metal floor and metal wall mount

Q: Where are the products manufactured?

A: We manufacture them in-house, right here in the U.S.A.  Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, we ship worldwide. Please call 732-775-7050 to get a quote on the shipping and handling.

Q: Do you do rush shipping?

A: Yes, we can do 2-day and overnight shipping. However, our general product time of a custom product is 1 - 1.5 weeks. Please call 732-775-7050 in advance to get a quote on shipping charges.


Q: How do you ship the big spin wheels?

A: We generally ship wheels 60" and up Estes Freight. We build sturdy wooden crates that fit the wheel, stand, and other components securely.


Q: I want something REALLY custom, can you make that happen?

A: Yes if you want a promotional product that takes your company's brand and brings it to life, we can do that! We have made all sorts of awesome products in the past, anything from custom colored LED's to a wheel that plays songs when spun. We can also print custom banners to match your wheel, and we promise your interactive promotional display will be the center of attention, anywhere. Call us anytime with ideas that will make your company stand out from the rest, and we'll make your vision are reality.Click here to see some projects we have done in the past!