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Cases For Prize Wheels

Protect your Prize wheel with a case. You can choose between a lightweight soft prize wheel case or super heavy duty wood shipping case.


Having a prize wheel case is a great investment. It ensures that you can bring your game wheel with you to any of your marketing events. From tradeshow booths to promotional tents, your prize wheel case will protect the transport of your gaming wheel.


Soft Carrying Cases-Our soft carrying cases for our prizes are made of a heavy duty canvas material andinclude nylon straps that make it easy to carry your prize wheel to your events. This prize wheel case will hold your prize wheel and a table stand. The cases are equipped with additional pockets to hold your supplies for your event.

Semi-Hard Transport Prize Wheel Cases- Our line of semi-hard transport cases are made of a coroplast material with protective foam on the inside. These cases are meant for transport for event to event. Note: these are cases are not ATA rated.

Standard Prize Wheels

18-24 inch Soft Case

Price: $99

30-36 inch Soft Case

Price: $159


24" Hard Transport Case

Price: $199


30" Hard Transport Case

Price: $259


36" Hard Transport Case

Price: $325


Wood Floor Stand Case
for 24",30",36"

Price: $199