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Innovative Prize Wheels

When companies really want to make a statement, whether it is at an event, trade show, or some other type of promotion, they ask us to take their brands appeal and make it come to life. Using custom mechanics and electronics, we have done various types of projects that really express what your company stands for, and why your brand stands out from the rest. From motorized toothbrush and race-car wheels, to Fender Guitar and built-in sound wheels, the ideas are endless and the attraction stays forever.

  • Oral-B Motorized Spinning Game Wheel
  • Triple Prize Wheel
  • Fender Guitar Prize Wheel
  • Fender Guitar Game Wheel
  • Motorized Tire Prize Chance Wheel
  • Double Prize Wheel
  • Lay-down Prize Wheel w/ Hand-Spun Center Piece
  • Prize Wheel w/ Sign above Wheel and Bell
  • Game Wheel w/ Corona Bottle Stationary Center Logo
  • Yoshi Spinning Fork Prize Wheel
  • Flip-Flop Prize Wheel