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The Only Wheels with a 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty!

Insert your own graphics prize wheel

Insert Your Own Graphics

  • Print prizes from your printer!
  • Custom Colors and Logos
  • Dry Erase Prize Wheel

Starting at $335

Prize Wheel with Permanent Graphics

Custom Prize Wheels

  • Impeccable Custom Graphics
  • Perfect Color Match
  • Work with our Graphics Department
  • Custom Graphics
  • Dry Erase

Starting at $299

Standard Dry Erase Prize Wheels

Off The Shelf

  • Ready to Ship
  • Affordable Premade Designs
  • Various Sizes
  • Dry Erase

Starting at $99!

A Magnetic Prize Wheel

Magnetic Wheels

  • Magnetic Dry Erase Wheel
  • Your Graphics Printed on Magnets
  • Change Your Logo / Sections

Starting at $335

Lighted Prize Wheel with Patterns
Lighted Wheels
  • Complete Custom Patterns
  • Runs on Batteries or Wall Power
  • Add Lights To ANY Custom Wheel
  • Click to See Spinning Wheels In Action

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Huge Prize Wheel
Unique Prize Wheels

View some of the truly unique prize wheels we've produced in the past. If you can dream it, we'll to work with you to make your prize wheel vision a reality!

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Game Wheels
Game Wheels
  • Roulette Style
  • Big Six Game
  • Dice Wheel

Starting at $249

Insert your own graphics prize wheel
Huge Prize Wheels

60 inch, 72 inch, 84 inch, and 96 inch diameters. THESE GAME WHEELS ARE HUGE!

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Raffle Drum
Raffle Drum
  • Brass-plated and stylish
  • Easy to use
  • Can hold up to 2500 tickets!

Starting at $66

Plinko Games
  • Customizable Graphics
  • Changeable Graphics
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Can be LED Equipped!

Starting at $189

Spinning Designs is your one-stop shop for spinning prize wheels of all types and sizes. From lighted wheels to magnetic wheels to massive jumbo wheels, we carry the largest, most intricate spin wheels in the industry today. And best of all, our spinning wheels are completely customizable, offering your company logo and visual specifications so, no matter what your wheel is used for, it will make a lasting impression for your business, trade group or fundraising effort.

Our spinning game wheels attract huge crowds at any event, whether it is at a trade show exposition, business lobby, or fund-raising event. The bigger the prize wheel the better, up to a practical point. A 96 inch game wheel instantly becomes the center of attention at any event, and even more so with LED Lights. We can brand your wheel by having your company’s logo/graphic in the middle, and the sections can match your company’s colors. Once the wheel is in front of people, they will be spinning a memorable product that expresses your company’s brand. And even better, they walk away with all of your branded merchandise, for free. Make a smaller, bonus section on your spinning wheel so customers can spin the wheel, hoping they can win the big prize. People love the fact that they can win a bigger prize with no risk or investment.

Here at SpinningDesigns Inc., we love making high quality games of chance that people truly enjoying playing. Our promotional products will reflect your company in the most professional way possible. All of our wheels are perfectly balance, and the custom designs are done on the spot by our artists and design team. We do not send a custom prize wheel out until you are 100% satisfied with the design and look of your rendition. The steel pegs with rubber safety caps ensure durability that will last for years to come. Backed by our 5 year manufacturer’s warranty, you can buy with confidence by never having to worry about a broken wheel or damaged stand. Our stands are made from solid oak, and every joint is routed to fit, nailed and then glued. Bigger wheels sit on black metal floor stands, which give the game wheels sturdiness when spun. The quality of our promotional products is unbeatable. Our bearing system is made custom for a smooth and straight spinning prize wheel. We make sure when you spin to win, our balanced wheel gives you a fair chance to win any of the prizes. And wobble is not a factor in our design, each spinning wheel spins straight as can be. All of our wheels have an option to add a stationary center logo plate, which presents your company’s logo in the center while the wheel spins behind it.

Insert Your Own Graphics wheels are the most popular selling custom wheel, and this is because you can print your own prizes on your own desktop printer on computer paper. We provide you with the templates to get you started. Each section or ‘pie piece’ is made from magnetic material, which holds the inserts against the face of the wheel. Make each section match your company’s colors. The inserts make it easy to switch prize in and out, making this spin wheel the most versatile. And if you really want to stand out from the crowd, add LED lights and watch as crowds of people flock to your wheel!

Our Changeable Magnetic wheels are great for keeping a very professional look while being able to change out the prizes when needed. We can design and print whatever you want on the sections, including each prize. You can even order extra magnetic sections to add more variations to your wheel. Glamourize your wheel with LED lights to truly have the best promotional product possible.

Permanent Graphics wheels have your graphic permanently adhered to the face of the wheel. The graphic can be as detailed as you want; making the custom wheel fit your company’s appeal. Add as many pegs as you want, for this spinning wheel has no limits! However, these wheels do not come in sizes 72in and above.

We also have a custom electronics department that specializes in making wacky ideas come to life, including prize wheels that play songs when spun, custom LED colors, motorized wheels, and much more! Put a lighted sign on top of your wheel to catch peoples’ attention from afar, or add LED’s lights to the stationary center logo. We also offer an electronic game of chance, in which the LED’s go around the stationary wheel to select the winning prize. The possibilities are truly endless. The best way to promote your brand at any event is to have something awesome that catches peoples' attention, and our products are the best at doing that. Every person plays for free, and wins; all while displaying your brand as fun and professional. We ensure the biggest winner is YOU.