Competitor Analysis


Do Not Judge a Prize Wheel by an Online Picture


We manufacture of high-quality prize wheels in-house, right here in the USA. Over the years, company's have stole our design and began selling low-quality spinning wheels across the internet that look like our product. People have actually called us and complained that we sold them a cheap, flimsy wheel but in reality, they bought an imitation wheel from our competitor who uses low-grade material. We are the professionals in prize wheels, we make our stands out of solid oak and our wheels out of engineered wood, which spin smoothly on our custom precision ball bearing system, all while being perfectly balanced for a TRUE game of chance. For the people who decide to buy quickly instead of doing research, this page is for you.

SpinningDesigns Inc.   Competitor's Prize Wheel
SpinningDesigns Inc. Quality Prize Wheel  
Imitation Prize Wheel 

Our Stand

Their Stand
Our stands are made from oak. First, we route the wood, then glue and nail it together for a seamless and super sturdy fit. This base should NEVER fall apart. This stand is made from pine. The wood is not routed or glued, and is only bound by nails. It fell apart during the photo shoot.
Sturdy Base for Prize Wheel   Poor Base for Prize Wheel
High-Quality Base for Prize Wheel
  Low-Quality Base for Prize Wheel

Our Bearing

Their Bearing
After years of trial and error, we perfected our custom-made bearing system which is housed in each spin wheel. Paired with our steel shaft and balanced wheel, you will not get a smoother spinning and longer lasting wheel from any other company. Their game wheel gets pushed onto the bearing system, but since nothing is holding the wheel securely on, it can easily roll off when spun. Also, the bearing system is tightened by a wingnut in the back of the stand which loosens the more the wheel is spun.
SpinningDesign's Inc. Quality, Custom Bearing System for Prize Wheel   Poorly Designed Bearing System for Prize Wheel

Our Clicker

Their Clicker
We have an adjustable rubber clicker. Besides the great sound it provides, the height can be adjusted by the wingnut for a longer or shorter spin time. Their clicker is made of plastic and is not adjustable. The reason why it sits loosely is so the clicker does not restrict a wobbly wheel from spinning. Wobble is not a factor in our design.
High-Quality Clicker and Side of Wheel   Poor Clicker and Side of Wheel

Our Pegs

Their Pegs
We use 1/4inch Steel Pegs with Rubber Safety Caps. These pegs are heavy-duty and will not fall apart. You can actually pick the entire stand and wheel up by a single peg, no problem! These pegs are plastic and are screwed in from the back of the wheel, which in some cases leave a crack in the acrylic wheel. There are no rubber safety caps on the end of the pegs.
Spinning Designs Peg   Plastic Peg

Our Wheel

Their Wheel
Our Prize Wheels are made out of Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), which is an engineered board made to stay straight and true for the life of the product. We then cover the edge in rubber edge trim for a finished and very professional look. We use a high performance vinyl to cover the face of the spinning wheels and the dry erase vinyl wipes clean every time, no cleaner necessary! Their game wheels are made out of foam board pressed between two acrylic sheets, which makes for a flimsy wheel. The plastic pegs, rough acrylic edges, and unbalanced wheel make this game of chance predictable and unprofessional. Supposedly they use "Dry Erase Acrylic" but that is not true, any writing left on the acrylic for more than 24 hours becomes a hassle to erase.
Side of Wheel   Side of Wheel
Side of High Quality Prize Wheel   Side of Poor Prize Wheel