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Huge Prize Wheels

These Mega-Wheels really draw in the big crowds, and if you think a 60 inch wheel is big, wait until you see an 84 inch or a 96 inch in person. They are HUGE!! These eye-catching wheels are sure to grab anyone's attention, and promote your company's brand the way it should be. You can't beat this with an app!

  • Moving Image of the 96 inch Viejas LED Lighted Insert Your Own Graphics Prize Wheel
  • Huge 96 inch LED Prize Wheel
  • 72 inch Prize Wheel
  • Ace Hardware 72" Wheel
  • 84 inch Prize Wheel
  • 96 inch Prize Wheel
  • 72 inch Prize Wheel
  • Prize Wheel
  • A Huge Wheel
  • A Huge Wheel

Huge wheels are 60, 72, 84, or 96 inches, and all of our prize wheels are competely customizable!